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Tracey Brewer

Tracey Brewer

Mr. Brewer began his CATV career in 1980. Over the years, he has been involved in every aspect of video network design, construction, programming, maintenance and operations. He has designed over 40 systems and has been involved in the upgrade of numerous additional systems. His work has also included responsibility for the design and implementation of campus and building-type CATV systems.

Tracey is knowledgeable in all of the standards and requirements of designing both RF and IP video networks which utilize the latest technology, including fiber optics and digital compression. Much of this knowledge was developed when performing research for clients developing state-of-the-art networks, such as NASA, major Universities and telephone companies considering the development of video networks.

Additionally, Mr. Brewer has over 18 years experience in telecommunications design, staking, and CAD drafting.


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