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Round 1 AwardsNTIA CCCBN information

EA helps Columbia County to build the Columbia County Community Broadband Network

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) awarded the Columbia County, GA Information Technology Department a BTOP grant funding to build a 220-mile fiber-optic network to better serve county residents and businesses. Economic development, job creation, improved educational opportunities, and support of a high-capacity data center at the Medical College of Georgia are some expected project benefits.

EA worked closely with IT Department staff, county leaders, and other stakeholders to develop the project and prepare the grant application. EA also provided support in the Due Diligence review phase, during which financial projections and potential environmental impacts were carefully scrutinized.

EA is currently working with Columbia County on project management and ongoing network engineering of the FTTP project.


Round 2 Awards

EA has assisted clients in successfully securing stimulus funding for 3 Round 2 FTTH projects

Wilkes Telephone Company FTTH Build-out, Wilkes Telephone & Electric Company, Georgia

WTEC Service Area Information

The Wilkes Telephone Company FTTH Build-Out grant/loan project will provide state-of-the-art communication services while enhancing broadband communication options to the current and future citizens of Lincoln, Taliaferro, and Wilkes counties in Georgia. The network will pass 7,832 households, 802 businesses, and 52 anchor institutions benefiting approximately 20,300 people. It will provide infrastructure for affordable bandwidth and services, and will integrate economic development, employment, education, public safety, public health, and other government use.

Technology deployed will be a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) wireline fiber-optic cable network, configured in Passive Optical Network (PON) architecture, able to support speeds in excess of 20 Gbps. Not only will this project create jobs initially, but it will also help drive long-term economic development in the areas served that will help create jobs in the future.


Clackamas Broadband Innovation Initiative, Clackamas County, Oregon

NTIA Clackamas County information

The Clackamas Broadband Innovation Initiative will bring affordable high-speed Internet service to northwestern Oregon. The project consists of a fiber-optic middle mile network that will provide more bandwidth and link rural parts of the county with non-rural areas. The project connects a total of 158 community anchor institutions including schools, a Community College, public safety facilities, hospitals, and other government facilities. Clackamas County estimates that over 250,000 people stand to benefit from this project along with over 3,500 businesses and other community institutions.

Initially this project will create additional construction and management jobs, and long-term it will help drive economic development in the county that will create jobs for years to come.

EA worked closely with county staff, county leaders, and other stakeholders to prepare the grant application. EA also provided support in the Due Diligence phase, during which NTIA representatives carefully reviewed financial projections and potential environmental impacts.



Broadband Bridge to Sapelo Island, The Darien Telephone Company, Inc., Georgia

Darien Telephone Project Information

This Darien Telephone Company, Inc. grant/loan project will expand high-speed broadband service to Sapelo Island, a barrier island off the coast of Georgia currently without access to high-speed broadband. Funding will enable broadband services that meet the needs of residents, businesses, and community anchor institutions on Sapelo today and far into the future using FTTH 2.4 Gbps GPON technology. The project stands to benefit approximately 600 people, passing 240 households and 20 businesses.

Not only will this project create jobs initially, it will also help drive economic development in the community that will create jobs for years to come. Residents and businesses on the island will benefit from improved telemedicine, distance education, telecommuting, and video-conferencing opportunities, lessening the travel burden to the mainland for services and work. Additionally, the University of Georgia Marine Institute, a well-respected ecological and geological research facility located on the southern end of the island, will benefit from improved high-speed broadband access.



As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), up to $7 billion in federal funds has been designated for "Broadband Stimulus" project funding. Service providers, local governments, and community-focused organizations have all applied for funding so they can build new broadband networks to unserved and underserved areas of the US and its Territories. Engineering Associates has been very busy helping our clients apply for infrastructure funding to build out their new broadband networks. We've also helped develop Sustainable Broadband Adoption projects to encourage broadband use. Some of the highlights of EA's broadband stimulus work include:

  • Working on dozens of projects for both new and existing clients in funding Rounds I and II.
  • Projects located in 6 states (GA, TN, SC, FL, VA, and WA).
  • Designs for both "Middle-Mile" and "Last-Mile" projects, in a variety of architectures (Last-Mile FTTH; Middle-Mile Fiber; wireless, and data/video networks).
  • Applications submitted for NTIA [BTOP CCI and Sustainable Broadband Adoption (SBA) grants] and RUS (BIP) review.

Projects with budgets over $1 million required certification from a Professional Engineer registered in the state where network construction is planned. EA has Professional Engineers on staff registered in more than 18 states.

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