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Collocation Design


Engineering Associates, Inc. has completed CLEC collocation designs with equipment installations located in incumbent carrier central offices and in carrier hotels. These designs have included voice, SONET and IP tranport system projects involving equipment installation, upgrade and replacement.

Our typical involvement starts at the very beginning of the project, assisting our client with selection of key features to serve and compete in today's rapidly evolving voice services marketplace. Our next step is the creation of detailed specifications which form the basis of an RFP to furnish and install the new system. Past specifications include the latest advancements in voice-over-IP switch systems, voice and data access transport, Metro-E networks and IP core systems. Detailed technical reviews are conducted with EAI consultants and the client to clarify all aspects of each vendor’s specifications. EAI remains a strategic contributor assisting with the award of the bid, ensuring contract terms are beneficial to our client, and ensuring the equipment installation and placement into service meet 100% of our client’s requirements.

Our design and workflow models provide detailed project managment, clear communications and a thorough understanding of all aspects of the design, implementation and day-to-day operations requirements required to ensure all aspects of the network excel in our client's CLEC structure.

Our skills include:

  • Voice and IP systems evaluation, selection, installation and integration
  • Power evaluation and design
  • Equipment installation
  • IP infrastructure design and systems integration
  • IP and voice network modeling
  • Capacity and traffic planning
  • Code management
  • CLEC interconnection management including new SS7, 911 and trunk orders
  • Vendor and equipment evaluation
  • Contract management

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