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Fiber-to-the-Home Network Design

Fiber through the eye of a needle

There are a large number of different methods to design and build FTTH systems and none of them are necessarily wrong. In fact, each has its advantages and disadvantages and the support for each can take on a relgious fervor. Also, there are a large number of very important decisions that appear insignificant on the surface, but have a major impact on the overall cost of the project and the effectiveness of the resulting network. In most cases, the "best decision" is community- or market-specific and just because something works in one market, business model, or cost-recovery mechanism, that does not make it an optimal solution for all.

Engineering Associates, Inc. has designed many thousands of miles of fiber access networks. Our skills include:

  • FTTH systems evaluation, selection, installation and integration
  • FTTH OSP design, staking, contract creation and management and construction inspection
  • Voice switching systems design, including new installations, cap and grow configurations, and system expansion
  • IP infrastructure design and systems integration
  • IP and RF video systems design
  • RFP creation and vendor evaluation
  • RUS contract management

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