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Fiber Optic Case Studies


Fiber-to-the-Home Project, Wilkes Telephone and Electric Company (WTEC)--Washington, GA

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Wilkes, Taliafero, and Lincolnton counties, as bedroom communities of Augusta, Georgia, are experiencing a subscriber base that is demanding state-of-the-art telephone services. To meet this demand, Engineering Associates has worked closely with WTEC to achieve the goal of being one of the most progressive Independent telephone companies in the Southeast. It provides "quad-play" services to the community and is currently implementing a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network. EAI has been providing planning, engineering, and technology implementation services to this company for more than thirty (30) years, and was tasked with responsibility for the feasibility study and project management of the FTTH overbuild.

WTEC is implementing a FTTH network that will support voice, data, and video services. EAI responsibility includes all aspects of project planning and project management including the feasibility study, loan document preparation, technology evaluation, equipment specification and selection, network layout, headend design, video programming assistance, outside plant design, CAD drawings, voice-switching interface design, outside plant staking, permit processing, construction coordination, material coordination, inspection, and testing. When completed, this project will encompass 10,000 subscribers and involve 800 miles of construction. This is a multi-county project with a multi-year build-out. This Passive Optical Network project is currently operational and expanding.

Fiber-to-the-Home Project, Brantley Telephone Company--Nahunta, GA


This 6,000 line telephone company is located in Nahunta, Georgia, which is in Southeast Georgia. The company is overbuilding its copper outside plant with a fiber optic network that will be able to support voice, data and video service. Engineering Associates was selected to design and coordinate implementation including development of construction documents, management of the bid process, inspection of contractor results, acceptance and close out. This project involved approximately 800 miles of fiber optic construction. Construction is complete and the system is operational.


Fiber-to-the-Home Project, West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative--Abbeville, South Carolina

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When WCRTC decided to overbuild their entire 1,400 mile network with fiber within a three-year period, EAI was invited to submit a proposal. We formed a joint venture with another engineering firm, and the joint venture managed the planning, design and construction process. The project was initiated in June 2008 and we have completed the design and construction for the entire project. The design and construction process used for this project is very unique and was developed for a rapid build-out of FTTH facilities. The process has been successful and the project was completed several months ahead of schedule.


These are just a few of our numerous fiber optic projects. Check back often to review updates.


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