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Fiber-to-the-Home Equipment Design

Laying fiber conduit

The application of access systems for independent telephone companies and CLEC operations vary greatly. There are numerous challenges to consider in selecting and implementing new access technology. EAI has designed highly distributed and modular access networks since their inception in 1980. Our clients can attest to our experience ensuring the fit, function, and best cost of an access technology. EAI does not subscribe to a "single box fits all" design methodology, but considers the technological strength of a manufacturer along with the ability to service our client over the life of the deployed network.

Over the last nearly 30 years, EAI has designed many thousands of miles of fiber and copper access networks using advanced broadband loop carrier, fiber-to-the-home systems and hybrid-fiber-coaxial networks. We have vast experience deploying systems in central offices, collocation hotels and remote cabinets in both urban and rural settings.


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