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Hybrid-Fiber-Coax Design


The application of video transport systems for major MSO’s, municipal governments and independent telephone companies vary greatly. There are numerous challenges to consider in the selection and implementation of new RF and IP transport. EAI has designed highly-distributed and modular Hybrid-Fiber-Coaxial (HFC) networks for over 20 years. Our clients can attest to our experience ensuring the fit, function and best cost of this technology. EAI does not begin and end with a design methodology of "one solution fits all", but considers the technological strength of a manufacturer and the uniqueness of the network design to create sustainable video, voice, and Internet networks to maximize our client’s ability to compete in today’s busy communications service landscape.

EAI has designed thousands of miles of hybrid-fiber-coaxial networks for clients as diverse as major metropolitan MSO’s to small rural networks. These advanced networks support analog and digital video, the latest DOCSIS high-speed data networks, and VoIP voice services. Our skills include:

  • HFC design, staking, contract creation and management, and construction inspection
  • Voice switching systems design
  • IP infrastructure design and systems integration
  • RF video systems design

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