Engineering Associates

IP Solutions


EAI has the engineering expertise to assist customers in all aspects of the design and implementation of IP networks. EAI has extensive experience in the design of IP networks ranging from telephone companies, major universities, carrier networks, to private networks of a Fortune 100 corporation. Our clients consist of local telephone operating companies, CLECs, ISPs, cable companies, and MSOs, where we develop leading edge IP solutions for their transport, access and edge networks. These networks support core backbone transport networks along with advanced communications including VoIP, video and high speed internet. Engineering Associates combines the knowledge of the latest technology with expert skill sets addressing the engineering needs of both traditional and emerging telecommunications carriers and the operators of large private networks.

Our service focus includes:

  • Develop specifications
  • Modeling the network
  • Transport engineering and design
  • Selecting an equipment vendor
  • Design, deploy or network expansion
  • Increasing client staff's technical knowledge

These networks typically include the following components:

  • Customer Premise Equipment
  • Residential Gateway
  • Access Device
  • Ethernet Transport
  • Subscriber Management and Operational Support Systems
  • Ethernet and ATM Aggregation
  • Edge Routing Platform

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