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Public Safety Communication Technology

Emergency Services

Engineering Associates can provide the technical resources required to clarify your needs, design the system, specify the equipment, procure the system and implement the solution.

Our mission-critical emergency system expertise includes:

  • Digital upgrades to existing communication networks
  • APCO P25-compliant systems
  • 800 Mhz integrated voice and data systems
  • NG911 voice, video, and text transmission via IP networks

Our services include:

  • Needs Assessment services-typically interviews with management and field personnel currently using the communication systems, as well as others impacted.
  • Design Standard evaluations-considering current assets and facilities, integration of new and existing equipment to identify the optimum solution.
  • Probable System Cost Estimates-based on our experience with vendor pricing, in the near future and on an annual basis.
  • Procurement Assistance-including requests for proposals, vendor meetings, bid evaluations and vendor negotiations.
  • Project Management-during system implementation, this includes ensuring vendor compliance to specifications, as well as factory system testing, coverage testing, and final acceptance testing.
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