Engineering Associates

Wireless Concept Phase

Market/Feasibility Study

During the Market/Feasibility Study phase of a project, an idea or business opportunity is developed from the early conceptual stage into a business plan. At Engineering Associates, we rely on our clients to identify the opportunity and we provide the professional engineering, consulting and project management to investigate the idea and develop it into a realistic business plan. We typically work with our commercial clients on Market/Feasibility Studies.

Needs Assessment

During a Needs Assessment, Engineering Associates investigates the telecommunications requirements of an organization and assists the management team in identifying the level of end-user demand. We use our professional staff to interview command staff, system managers, service providers and end users to identify, quantify, and document user’s communication needs. In addition, we identify the possible impact of new technology on the organization with the goal of improving the safety, efficiency, and effectivemess of field resources. We typically offer these services to public safety and public service clients such as fire departments, law enforcement agencies, power distribution companies and utilities.

Roles and Responsibilities:

During this phase of the project, our clients provide the idea or opportunity, project goals and objectives, and funding mechanism.

Engineering Associates provides experts in telecommunication systems evaluation, design and project management. Our experts can take your concept and identify high-level technical solutions, research alternatives, document goals and objectives, research the market or service area and develop a detailed business plan.

Processes and Deliverables:

  • Project Definition Meetings
  • Interviews with Stakeholders
  • Research of latest Technology Developments
  • Analysis of Competitive Environment
  • Identification of Client Assets
  • Review of Client's Organization and Operations
  • Vendor Inquiries and Meetings
  • Identification of Potential Partner Opportunities
  • System Integration Discussions
  • Documentation and Revisions


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