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Wireless Design Phase

Tower Map

With the business plan created, the project team moves into the Design Phase. At this time the project is broken down into measurable tasks and the team manages the contracts for equipment and existing assets. Four separate but related responsibilities occur during the design phase:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Site Acquisition
  • Project Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Engineering

    The systems engineer is responsible for designing a system to meet the performance objectives defined in the concept phase. In designing wireless systems, this consists of:

    • RF coverage objectives for the service area
    • Capacity requirements to provide the level of service the customer/clients require
    • Availability and reliability objectives of the network
    • Features and functions of the technology

    The systems engineer is involved in system definition and specifications, frequency applications and planning, vendor procurement process, negotiations and contracting, site design, support system definition, site interconnect, installation monitoring, system and site testing, coverage testing and system launch/cutover.

    Site Acquisition

    The site acquisition manager is responsible for taking the systems engineer’s design and resulting search rings and identifying potential towers or property. Once the property has been identified, the site acquisition manager is responsible for getting the permissions to construct a tower. This includes:

    • Getting an option on tower/property
    • FAA application and approval
    • Investigate local zoning/permitting/construction requirements
    • FCC tower application and approval
    • Coordinating the site survey, design, NEPA/SHPO, and GEO testing
    • Presenting site design to the local zoning board for approval
    • Coordinating the purchase agreement for property; lease requirements for towers: Terms, Structural, Interference; and tower construction
    • Monitoring Implementation

    Project Management

    The project manager is responsible for coordinating all of the efforts on the project. This begins with the business plan and continues through execution and closeout. This includes managing the following:

    • Overall project schedule and milestones
    • Project scope, including identifying and mitigating risks
    • Financial plans and reconciliation
    • Project resources
    • Sub-contractors

    System Integration

    The system integrator is responsible for interfacing the new system to other technologies and interfacing the new technology into operations. This includes managing the following:

    • System and sub-system connections
    • Communications between site and switch
    • Interfaces to billing systems
    • Interfaces to alarms and network management systems
    • Interfaces to customer service in commercial systems
    • Interfaces to dispatch facilities in public safety/public works systems
    • Coordination with service organization

    Roles and Responsibilities

    During the design phase of the project, our clients provide approval of the details from system specifics to operations. In addition, they provide input on the resources they will use for customer service.

    Engineering Associate's experts take the written business plan and develop it into a working communications system.

    Processes and Deliverables

    • System and sub-system connections
    • Site Design
    • Interconnection Plan
    • Network Management Plan
    • Customer Support Plan
    • System Management Plan and Timeline
    • Vendor Agreements
    • Site Purchase or Lease Agreements
    • System Permissions
    • System Testing Plans
    • System Integration Plan
    • Documentation and Revisions

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