Engineering Associates

Wireless Implementation/Testing/Integration/Management

Tower Site Design

System Implementation Phase

With the design complete and the sites acquired, the project team can implement the new technology. At this time the project manager takes the lead and there is significant focus on equipment vendors. The systems engineer and systems integrator take support roles.

Testing/Integration Phase

In order to ensure an effective launch of new technology, our engineers and project managers test the system and components. The testing typically consists of the following tests and reviews:

  • Factory Testing
  • Coverage Testing
  • Field Testing
  • Compliance with Contract
  • Features and Benefits

System Management Phase

Once a new technology has been implemented and cutover, integration or launch is complete. Engineering Associates can help manage and monitor the system. This includes the following tasks:

  • Monitoring System Performance
  • System Expansion for Coverage or Capacity
  • System Capability Upgrades

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